Initial J Branches Out …..

Thought I would share this picture with our visitors to let you know the Initial J team has been branching out – making time to sew some dresses for Dress a girl around the World to be exhibitied at Creative Crafts on Saturday 14th October 2017 at Gateshead Leisure Centre.

In fact Initial J’s seeds for being Creative which led to the organising of events 20 years ago started many years ago in the class room when it was here that I learnt to sew. Just recently I  accidentally came across the lady who taught me all those skill many years ago. Wow talk about long lost teacher – I have never seen or spoken to her since leaving school. I owe a great deal to Claire Lofthouse who at the time was the needlework teacher where I went to school and who taught me many sewing skills. I was emailing all the quilting groups to notify them of Creative Crafts and low and behold I got an email back from Claire who nows runs Minerva Quilts and teaches patchwork and quilting classes at Alnwick and Castleside.  She is coming to the show where I will hopefully meet up with her to thank her personally.  So who said school was boring and that you never learnt anything – well I thought so at the time but 20 years on I am celebrating a milestone still organising shows in the North East and sewing again.